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How Do I Edit Patient's Address?
How Do I Edit Patient's Address?
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Not sure how to edit a patient's address?

Once you are logged in to RxPad please do the following:

1. Click Manage Patients.

2. For each relevant patient click the Edit icon.

3. Enter the patient's address in the Address Search Bar and select the most appropriate address from the dropdown menu.

4. The Residential Address/Suburb/Postcode/State fields will auto-populate based on your selection in the Address Search Bar dropdown menu.

5. Click the blue Validate IHI button and ensure that the IHI Status bar above turns green and returns an Active (Verified) status for the patient. If the status bar does not turn green, please check patient details are entered accurately.

6. Click the Update button at the bottom right of the tab.

Success โ€“ the address is updated and your patient should now be active in your system.

Note: You can still manually amend the Residential Address/Suburb/Postcode/State fields if the Address Search Bar does not return the exact address you are looking for.

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