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"Send Code" button not working during sign-up?
"Send Code" button not working during sign-up?
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  • As part of the initial Sign Up process, RxPad will require you to setup Multifactor Authentication - this will be using either your own Mobile Number or the Authenticator App.

  • If you select to use your Mobile Number, you will be required to enter your Mobile Number including the country code.

  • Please ensure you sign up in the following format: +61412345678 as opposed to 0412345678. Attempts at the latter will be unsuccessful. See the screenshot below for an example of the incorrect format.

  • If the issue persists when attempting to sign up using your mobile number, it may be resolved independently.

Independent Solution

  1. Enter your phone number using the correct country code (+61 for Australia) and in the required format (e.g., +61)

  2. Once this is completed, you should be able to select the Send Code button without further issue.

  3. If the problem is still persisting or you are not receiving an SMS after correctly entering your Mobile Number as highlighted above, please select Back and choose the Authenticator App as you preferred Multifactor Authentication method.

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