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How do I generate an eRx Entity ID?
How do I generate an eRx Entity ID?

This article explains the process of obtaining an eRx Entity ID, which individual prescribers need in order to sign up to RxPad

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What is an eRx Entity ID?

Individual prescribers need to register eRx Script Exchange in order to obtain an Entity ID.

An Entity ID is required to sign up to RxPad.

How do I register for an eRx Entity ID?

Step 1: Click here to register for an eRx Entity ID directly from the eRx website.

Step 2: Under the Prescribing Software dropdown box, ensure you select RxPad.

Please note: Ensure you have your PBS Prescriber Number on hand. If you cannot find your Prescriber Number refer to this guide.

How long does it take to receive an eRx Entity ID?

Once you have completed your eRx Prescriber Registration form, it will generally take between 2-5 business days to receive your unique Entity ID.

Your Entity ID will be sent to the Practice email address nominated during the registration process. The email will appear in a format resembling the example below.

Ticket#2638695/erx/eRx - RxPad - New Install – XYZ Specialist Clinic – John Smith -- has been updated

Who is eRx?

eRx is Australia's Prescription Exchange Service and the gateway for all software to generate electronic scripts.

For more information:

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