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Creating New Patients - Issues with Address Search?
Creating New Patients - Issues with Address Search?

Is your Address Search not returning an Exact Address?

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When entering new Patients, RxPad has the ability to automatically search for existing addresses that match your entry.

However, your chosen patient's address may not always be available. This may occur when a patient's residence is a newly built house.

To solve this issue, users have the option to manually enter patient addresses into the individual address fields.

NOTE: Patient Address is a conformance requirement by eRx, and RxPad appropriately requests such information to be provided when creating a patient.


If the address search is not returning the exact value that the user wants, users should manually enter the patient address into the individual fields (i.e., Residential Address / Suburb / Postcode / State)

The example below uses "173 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn, Melbourne VIC"


Once selected, the 4 address fields should auto-populate:


Unit Numbers

When entering Unit Numbers, please note that the Address Search bar does not recognise the slash "/" symbol (e.g., 2/30 Goldsmith Avenue).

  • In this case enter the address in the following manner "20 Goldsmith Avenue, Unit 2, Blackburn, Melbourne, Victoria, 3130"

If the Unit does not appear in the Address Search, please enter the Unit address directly into the “Residential Address” field.

  • For instance, for Unit 6 173 Whitehorse Rd, enter “6/173 Whitehorse Rd” into the Residential Address Field:


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