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Patient IHI Validation - Status Bar not turning Green?
Patient IHI Validation - Status Bar not turning Green?
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If patient IHI Validation fails, it means that the entered patient information does not match the records in the Healthcare Identifiers Service (HI Service) system.

The validation failure can occur due to either:

  • Incomplete patient details entered in RxPad.

  • Incorrect patient details entered into RxPad

The mandatory fields required to retrieve a person’s IHI number includes:

  • Patient First Name

  • Patient Last Name

  • DOB

  • Gender

  • Medicare Card Number + IRN / DVA Card Number + Card Colour

If the information for any of these fields is incorrect, then RxPad will be unable to retrieve this patient’s IHI number and hence it will return as IHI Invalid.

It is the responsibility of the prescriber to ensure that patient details are accurate and correct. If unsure, please refer to the patient's Medicare / DVA Card.

Prescribers are also able to look up their patients on HPOS to find the most up-to-date My Health Record patient details (see article on Find a Patient on HPOS).

Solution 1

If the IHI Status bar is not turning green, please double check all patient fields are filled in AND accurate.

At minimmum, the user should check the following fields are accurate and filled in:

  • Patient First Name

  • Patient Last Name

  • DOB

  • Gender

  • Medicare Card Number + IRN / DVA Card Number + Card Colour

Quick Tips

  • Medicare Card Number is a 10-digit number

  • IRN is a 1-digit number

  • Demographic Information (DOB / Gender) will get flagged as incorrect by RxPad’s Input Validation checker if the information is inputted incorrectly. IF neither of these 2 fields (DOB / Gender) presents as incorrect, then it is likely that the Patient First Name and/or Last Name has been incorrectly entered.

Solution 2 (If Solution 1 Fails)

If solution 1 does not work there may be an error with the IHI Validation system. To rule out a fundamental system error it is recommended that users attempt to create a patient profile for themselves personally (i.e., input your own personal details)

  • If the IHI Validation is successful, this would indicate that the IHI validation system is functional.

  • If the IHI Validation system is successful, please ensure that you double check the patient data is accurate.

  • If it still does not work, we recommend contacting an administrator to certify the patient's current data and rule out any potential innacuracies.

  • If it fails, go to Solution 3.

Solution 3 (If Solution 2 Fails)

If neither of the above solutions is successful, please attempt to send a basic prescription to your own personal profile on RxPad.

NOTE: Expect that the IHI Validation will fail at the pre-validation popup.

At this point, take note of the pre-validation popup.

If you see 3 red crosses (HPII, HPIO, IHI Validation Failed), this means there is something wrong with your organisational configuration in RxPad.


If you have reached this stage and still haven't resolved the issue, please email for guidance.

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