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How do I connect my Clinic's HPI-O to RxPad's CSP?
How do I connect my Clinic's HPI-O to RxPad's CSP?
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Before an individual prescriber can use RxPad, it is preferrable that their clinic is onboarded first. There are two things you will need to do before you can onboard your clinic in RxPad:

  1. Provide RxPad with your clinic's HPI-O number if you already haven't

  2. Connect your clinic's HPI-O number to RxPad's Contracted Service Provider (CSP) number in the Healthcare Identifiers Service.

How do I find my HPI-O Number?

If you need to register for an HPI-O, click here:

How do I link my clinic to the RxPad CSP?*

Step 1: Are you an RO or OMO?

First, you must be the RO (Responsible Officer) or OMO (Organisation Maintenance Officer) of your clinic. If you are, proceed to step 3.

More information can be found from Services Australia. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Step 2: Contact your RO/OMO and ask them to log into the clinic PRODA account

We are more than happy to work with your RO and OMO through these steps.

Step 3: Log into PRODA

Step 4: Navigate to Healthcare Identifiers

a. Click "Go to Service" under Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)

b. Once logged in to PRODA - Select My Programs

c. Select Healthcare Identifiers and My Health Record.


d. Select Healthcare Identifiers - Manage existing Records.

Step 5: Add RxPad's CSP number

a. Click Your organisation name

b. Click My organisation details

c. Select 'CSP Links'

d. Click 'Manage CSP links'

e. Click 'Add' and enter the following CSP registration number for RxPad (8003635833419263), then and click Submit and click Confirm.

Note: The CSP organisation name will be called Telecare Australia Pty Ltd (CSP)

Success! Your clinic HPI-O should now be linked to RxPad's CSP

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