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How do I register my Organisation for an HPI-O number?
How do I register my Organisation for an HPI-O number?
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Registering for a Healthcare Provider Identifier Organisation (HPI-O)

Before getting started:

It is important to understand the different roles and responsibilities that are required for registration and implementation of the My Health Record system.

Understanding the type of organisation you are registering. Most organisations such as a GP practice, pharmacy, allied health or private medical specialist will register with the My Health Record system as a Seed Organisation. By definition a seed organisation is a legal entity that provides or controls the delivery of healthcare services.

Within the seed organisation there will need to be a Responsible Officer (RO) and an Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO)


Responsible Officer (RO): the officer of an organisation who is registered with the HI Service and has authority to act on behalf of the Seed Organisation and relevant Network Organisations (if any) in its dealings with the System Operator of the My Health Record system. For large organisations, the RO may be the chief executive officer or chief operations officer. For small organisations the RO is usually the business owner.

Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO): the officer of an organisation who is registered with the HI Service and acts on behalf of a Seed Organisation and/or Network Organisations (if any) in its day-to-day administrative dealings with the HI Service and the My Health Record system. Healthcare organisations can have more than one OMO if they wish. In General Practice, this role may be assigned to the Practice Manager, if you have one, and/or other senior staff who are familiar with the practice's clinical and administrative systems. Alternatively, the RO may take on the OMO role as well.

Further information regarding roles and responsibilities can be found here:

Important: The person registering the organisation must have authority to act on behalf of the organisation and must employ or have a health professional who is registered in the HI Service and provides healthcare as part of their duties. The organisation must also have an active Australian Business Number (ABN).

If possible, the recommendation is to use Google Chrome as the preferred browser.

To register a new organisation to the My Health Record:

  1. The person who has authority to act on behalf of the organisation (example: the business owner) must log into PRODA. If they do not have a PRODA account one can be created by selecting Register now.

    If the business owner is not completing the process, the staff member completing the process will need to provide proof they are authorised to act on behalf of the business.

  2. If you are a Healthcare provider, you can speed up the registration process. To do this, ensure that your AHPRA medical registration number, provider number and/or HPI-I number are linked to your PRODA account. To do this, locate the Health Professionals Online Services tile and select Link identifiers.

  3. Enter your individual AHPRA medical register number or select the identifier type such as Medicare Provider Number, enter the identifier. Click search to link your identifier to your PRODA account. If you are unsure of your AHPRA medical registration number call AHPRA on 1300 419 495.

  4. Return back to the PRODA services home screen and open Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) by selecting Go to service

  5. Select My Programs.

  6. Select the Healthcare Identifiers- Register Seed Organisation tile.

  7. Enter the business ABN or ACN number.

  8. If the ABN/ACN is valid, the Seed Organisation Application pages will open. Some details may be populated if the applicant is known to the HI Service. Complete all mandatory fields on the Organisation Details tab and click Next to move to the next tab.

  9. Complete the RO Details tab and click Next.

  10. Complete the Additional OMO Details tab if required. Please note the organisation does not need to appoint an OMO. However if no OMO is appointed the RO will have the responsibilities of an OMO and RO.

    Once completed click Next.

  11. The Documents tab will be enabled if you are required to provide evidence of identity. Upload one of the document listed and click Submit.

  12. A confirmation screen will appear with a summary of your application. Use the back button to make changes. When you are satisfied with the information, read the privacy notice and check the I Agree check box before clicking Confirm.

  13. Once your application is submitted, you will be taken back to the home screen of the form. Your submitted application will be listed at the bottom including the status.

  14. You will receive notification of your successful application through your HPOS messages inbox. To access this inbox, log into PRODA, open HPOS and click on the Messages icon. Depending on the complexity of the application, it can take anywhere between a few hours and a few weeks to be approved.

Privacy and Policies

The practice will also need to ensure there are appropriate policies and checklist in place when using the My Health Record system. The My Health Record website has a range of documentation, check lists and templates that can assist in preparing your practice to use the system. The link will cover the requirements that must be met as outlined in the My Health Records Rule 2016.

If you need to register for an HPI-O, click here:

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