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RxPad Sign Up Instructions

I have my eRx Entity ID and my clinic's HPI-O is linked to RxPad's CSP. Now What?

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Before you continue....

Please make sure that the following apply to you:

  • I have on hand an eRx Entity ID for RxPad

  • My Clinic's HPI-O is linked to the RxPad CSP (Contracted Service Provider) Number

If the above does not apply, please read the RxPad Onboarding Guide and complete the required onboarding activities first.

Step-By-Step Video Demo

RxPad Sign Up - Walkthrough

Duration 6:37

The 12-Step Sign Up Process

Step 1: Start the Sign Up Process

Go to this page here then click Sign Up

Step 2: Create a user account

To create a user account you must enter an email address, your given name, family name, and create a valid password

Once done you can click Sign Up

Step 3: Confirm your user account

You will receive a verification code in your email.

Go to your email and copy the verification code

Paste in the verification code and then click Confirm Account

Step 4: Select your preference for Multi-Factor Authentication

Select your preferred MFA method

Click Continue

Step 5: Set up your chosen MFA method

Follow the instructions provided on your screen.

NOTE: Once Your MFA method is confirmed you cannot change this yourself. If you want to change your MFA method you will need to lodge a request to and the team will respond to you within business hours (Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM AEST).

Step 6: Create Your Prescriber Profile

Enter all required details including your eRx Entity ID

Step 7: Search Your Clinic Profile

Your Prescriber Profile from Step 6 must be linked to the correct clinic.

If you know somebody who has already signed up to RxPad with your clinic HPI-O, then it is likely that your clinic profile already exists.

To test this, please enter the HPI-O of your clinic into the search bar.

  • If your clinic appears, continue to Step 9.

  • If your clinic does not appear, continue to Step 8.

Step 8: Create Your Clinic / Organisation Profile

If your clinic is not found, you will be prompted to Create New Organisation

Fill out the necessary clinic details, ensuring you click Validate and then Submit.

Once your clinic profile is created, it will automatically link to your profile.

Move on to Step 10 once done.

Step 9: Link To Clinic Profile

If your clinic is found, click Link Now.

Step 10: Select Subscription Plan

Select either the $30 or $50/month subscription plan depending on your needs.

Subscriptions can be self-canceled at any point in time.

Step 11: Enter Payment Details

Enter valid debit/credit card details

Step 12: Accept the Terms & Conditions

  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions

  • Once done, your signup process is complete and your RxPad account is now activated.

  • You can now start prescribing on RxPad.

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