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Forgotten your password? Find out how to reset it here.

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If you forget your password you will have the option of either resolving the problem yourself, or if your issues persist, the RxPad support team can manually resolve the issue for you. It is suggested that you first attempt to resolve the issue independently.

Independent Reset

  1. Click on the "Forgot your password?" hyperlink

  2. The next page will prompt you to enter the email address you signed up with. Enter your email and a reset code will be send to your assigned email address.

  3. Using the email link, reset your password and take note of your updated password.

  4. After successfully altering your password, you will be able to sign into your RxPad account with your new password.

Guided Reset

If the above solution still does not work, you may need to contact RxPad Support.

  1. Send an email to to request a password reset email be manually sent.

  2. Following this you will then be sent an email from RxPad Support confirming that you have received a valid password reset link.

  3. Using this manually generated link, reset your password and ensure you take note of it.

  4. Using this new password you will be able to sign into your RxPad account.

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